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Money is the root of all sovereignty and since we trade our time for money, when money is printed our time is stolen. 

-Ross Stevens on Central Banking

After a decade of strengthening the community through health and fitness we have shifted our focus to the fiat economy. We know the ill effects of toxic food, inactivity and constant stress so we created a solution in Arizona through CrossFit Fury in 2008. The monetary and regulatory response to the 2020 Novel Corona Virus opened our eyes to a much bigger problem, toxic money & corrupt institutions.

We truly believe that Bitcoin provides an escape from the current debt based, inflation focused economy just like a primal diet & intense activity saves you from metabolic disease. It is time we adopt a hard money system governed by rules (math) not rulers and their discretion.

The future is ours, let’s make it beautiful.

Peter & Carren 

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Continued Learning

Our hope is that your journey is just beginning and that bitcoin opens up your desire to better understand the global economy & human action. Below are a series of websites, podcasts and educators we have found useful along our journey. Please feel free to contact us if you have additional recommendations to include.


These websites will help you understand the bitcoin network and current trends. Since the blockchain is a public ledger, there is an unlimited amount of data that can be analyzed at any given time.

Clark Moody's Dashboard

This dashboard provides real time stats on everything happening at a given moment.


The original bitcoin website with links for the core software and education.

Run your own Node

Running a node at home is an important concept in bitcoin beacause it allows anyone to audit the bitcoin supply or previous transactions. This is a decentralized public ledger that you can maintain a copy of at home. Imagine being able to do the same with the Treasury or Federal Reserve…

There are many third party options for spinning up a node or you can download the Bitcoin Core software from I reccomend purchainsg a rasberry pi 4 and a 1Tb hard drive and utilize Umbrel or MyNODE BTC. This provide the options for additional apps such a lightning, block explorers and multiple wallet programs.

End The FUD

Whether its energy cunsumption, china or criminals there is never a shotage of FUD (fear uncertainty & doubt) that is spread about bitcoin. These narritaves are typically propigated by those with the most to loose when bitcoin succeeds. This webiste helps to provide information and context regarding the most common criticisms. 


Because bitcoin is a global phenomon, global macro economics play a significant role. Many people belive bitcoin is taking over global macro. Below are a few economist with varying views of bitcoin that we utilize for their insight.

Real Vision

Macro focuesed news publication that recognizes the growing role of bitcoin and crypto at large. They offer a subscription service as well as significant free content on their youtube channel.

Talking Data

Led by Jim Bianco, who was nominated to federal reserve board of governers, provides short and concise updates on the us and global market. He has recently embarced crypto, primarily on the innovation within the defi space. 


These are the ‘must have’ bitcion podcasts with regular shows.

What is Money

Led by Robert Breedlove, the What is Money podcasts attempts to uncover the true meeting behind human action and the philosophy guiding our civilization. These are very long form discussions and will lead to a greater understnading of the world. Highly reccomended!

The Investors Podcast

Bitcoin Fundamentals is a collection of podcast episodes on bitcoin hosted by Preston Pysh on We Study Billionaires, the flagship podcast of The Investor’s Podcast Network with more than 40 million downloads.

On the show, Preston Pysh talks about the fundamentals of bitcoin, investing in bitcoin, news, deep dives and more on interviews with prominent people in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Fixes This

Led by Jimmy Song, bitcoin fixes this explores the many implications of a sound money in the world from a christain prespective. Jimmy has also published the highly reccomendd book ‘Thank God for Bitcoin”

Bitcoin Rapid Fire

Hosted by John Vallis, Bitcoin rapid fire explores many of the life changing and revolutionizing effects of adopting the bitcoin standard.

Bitcoin Standard

Hosted by Saifdean Ammous, the author of The Bitcoin Standard and The Fiat Standard, this podcast explores the various effects of austrian economics in the world.

Bitcoin Audible

A compilation of the best and brightest writings on bitcoin in audible format


Various articles and publications that are critical to understanding the history and current state of the network.

The Bitgenstein Serialization

This is a series of short reads by Allen Farrington that is highly reccomneded. From The Capital Strip Mine, to Bitcoin is Logos Allen eloquintly sums of the essence of bitcoin and the solutions we are working towards. 

Definitely required reading!

Bitcoin at 12

A recap of the first 12 years of bitcoin’s exsistance by Nic Carter.

The Number Zero and Bitcoin

How the discovery of absolute scarcity rivals that of the number zero for civilazation. 

Thank God For Bitcoin

A christains approach to the morality of money and how sound money effects your beliefs.